Hey there friend!

My name is Chelsea! I figured it would be nice to share some stuff about me! I'm a mom to three gorgeous girls, Chloe, Kylee, & Curby Jo. I know what you are thinking... THREE GIRLS?? That must be hard!? Yes, Yes it is! But those girls are my entire world. I would not be the person I am today without them! I love them fiercely. We have two pits Tag & Reba and the queen of the house is an overweight tabby named Echo. Tag is the only boy & lets just say it is a good thing he weighs in at around 95lbs with all these little sisters! 


How I got started!

I started photography about 7 years ago. Of course back then it was just stuff at home of my kids. My dad saw how much I loved it and bought me my first DSLR from a pawn shop with a few kit lenses. It was like a new sense was awakened. I got a cheap photoshop program and so it began. I played and played and watched YouTube videos and friends started asking for their photos done. I had an awesome opportunity to apprentice under a dear friend and fellow (amazing) photog, Kat Adams Photography. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. And I think the most important thing she taught me about this industry is community over competition! She always has had, even to this day, so many encouraging things to say to me about my business and for that I can't thank her enough. If you get around to reading this Kat... I LOVE YA GIRL! :) 

The support has rolled in from every person in my life and for that I'm extremely grateful! I've been seriously blessed with clients who have been with me since the early days and have stuck by me since their first session! If it wasn't for them I know I wouldn't be sitting here typing this out! So another shout out to them!!! You know who you are! 

                           My 3 Sweet Babes

                           My 3 Sweet Babes


A few things about me that you might find interesting.. 

  • I love John Travolta, and have since about the age of 5
  • I am terrified of trains
  • Growing up I thought the song "Hey Jealousy" by Gin Blossoms was about me and was called "Hey Chelsea" & still sing it like that to this day
  • My favorite colors are green and red but I don't really like that people associate those two colors with Christmas because I think gold and ice blue feel more Christmasy
  • I can quote the show Friends flawlessly... every episode. Even the scenes that don't make the Nick at Night airings  // sidebar: My two dogs are named Joey and Tag.
  • My best friend and I once had an eating contest called the "Burrito Binge" were we tied eating 8 party burritos each and 4 cheesecake chimichangas each from Taco Bueno (we are currently discussing a new contest so stayed tuned)
  • I absolutely LOVE karaoke & tend to break out in disney songs for my younger clients if they aren't really feeling it... you have been warned


wellllll I think that is all for now! If you every want to know anything else about me that was not covered I will gladly answer any questions you have!! Thanks for making it all the way through that! I look forward to getting to know you!! Take care then, bye bye now!